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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all shows the same?

Yes.  Essentially, this series reflects what we do each year in travelling around to the different theatres.  The essence of the show is the same but Brian introduces each concert by referencing the presenting theatre.  Note:  Due to continuing restrictions, with the exception of the Cabot Theatre in Beverly where we recorded much of the show, we will not be physically present at the theatres listed. 

How do I purchase tickets?

  1. Click here: Buy Tickets

  2. Select a show by date, and then click on Book Now.

  3. Choose a Package, and follow the prompts from there.

I have a discount code.  How do I use it?

After you choose the date and click on the Buy Tickets button, scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on Enter Promo Code. The discount will then be applied on the next page before you check out.  

I want to share the event or give it as a gift.  How do I do that?

If you buy a package with multiple promo codes, they will all be sent to you by email.  You can then distribute them to your guests by forwarding this email, but make sure you identify for them which codes to use as each one is unique.  An easy way to identify is by using the last four digits on the code sent.  The actual code is embedded in a clickable box, so it should be very straightforward for you and your guests.  

I bought a ticket but I can't find my email confirmation.   

Please check your spam folder.  The email would have come from ShowClix.  If you find it there, please mark it as a "safe sender" as they will be sending a reminder too.  If you still can't find the confirmation, send an email to, and request it be re-sent.  

I am a GBH member.  Do I get a discount?  

First, thank you for your support.  You will be receiving your discount code via email with instructions sometime mid-March.  Please watch for it.  If any problems, please call 617-300-3300.  

I am having problems ordering on the web site.  

Send an email to, and someone will help you navigate through it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.  

I got a "reservation_invalid_request" notice when I tried to order. 

This sometimes happens when you might have started an order and then had to come back to it.  Sometimes, that original order will stay in your "cart" and needs to be cleared.  Look at the top of the ticket-ordering page, and if it says anywhere "edit cart" click on it, and clear the cart.  Start over.  That should sort things out.  

I have a problem with my ticket, and I need help changing the date, or requesting a refund.

For any problems with tickets, exchanges, or refunds, please send an email to

If you have already bought tickets, please include the confirmation number in your email, or simply forward the confirmation email you will have received, and let them know exactly what you would like to adjust.  

After I buy tickets, how do I watch the event?  

Your tickets will come in the form of a code and it will arrive in three ways. 

Note: All three forms of delivery will contain the SAME codes. 

(For greater detail on the below, and other issues like sound, casting, and watching on smart-TVs, check out the How to Watch by clicking here or above.) 

  1. On completion of your purchase, you will be shown a confirmation web page.  This page can be saved, and will have all of your clickable links.  

  2. You will be immediately sent a confirmation email.  Please watch for it.  It will come from ShowClix and will have your receipt for A Virtual St. Patrick's Day Celtic Sojourn in the subject.  If you don't get this email confirmation, please look in your Spam/Junk folder. (If it is in fact in your junk folder, you might mark it as safe, so you can get the follow-ups.)

  3. 24 hours in advance of the event, you will get a reminder email. Again, keep an eye out for that and be sure to check your Junk folder if any problems.  

  4. There is a a handy video at the bottom of this page, you can watch for more guidance.  


Please remember, each link only works on one device. If you bought more than one ticket or one of our passes, each ticket code is only good for one device.

If I can't watch at exactly the time I bought passes for, can I watch on-demand? 

Yes.  The program will be available on-demand for you and each of your guests, starting the day after the initial stream, until Sunday, March 21st.  

Do you require one event pass per person or is it one event pass per household?

If watching together on the same device, it's just one pass required.  If multiple devices or other households, then an event pass is required for each. 

Which devices can I watch on?  

You can watch anywhere you get your usual video through the Internet: computer, tablet, phone, smart TV, or any device that has a browser. Your confirmation email will have a code.  When you click on it - the access link - and if doing so on the same device as you will be watching, it will launch automatically. Make sure your sound is on!  If set up to do so, you can “cast” the stream from your internet to your smart TV. 

How can I test that my system is working?

We will begin the broadcast/stream on time.  However, we will broadcast some slides and music for about 7 minutes in advance of the actual stream.  This will ensure you have the time to make all necessary adjustments well in advance. 

I've lost the email with my access link. Can you resend it?

Yes, please send an email to  They will re-send.  

What is the platform this will be on?  Is it Facebook, or YouTube or some other platform I need to be concerned with? 

No, the link will launch its own player. No need to download anything. You should make sure you can turn on and adjust the volume. Below is a helpful video for how to join our livestream.











What does it mean you are presenting shows "from" the different theaters?  Will you be actually at those Theatres?  

Because of ongoing restrictions, we can not be in reality at each of the Theatres.  However, we feel that the regional audiences we are lucky enough to perform for around New England are unique.  That is because of organizations like those who run the various theaters. During the series, we will speak to the efforts of each theatre specifically in our introductions and other references in each performance. We are also trying to raise funds for each of the venues.   


Will all of the musicians listed perform in each of the shows?


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