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By becoming a Sponsor of this year's virtual St. Patrick's Day Celtic Sojourn, You will identify yourself as a true supporter of the arts during these challenging times.  As you already know, most artists have been without any live work for almost a year. Theaters have been dark, and the myriad staff who support such activities are largely without income.  A big part of our motivation in creating these virtual events is to keep the lights lit - in every way.  And by your even considering this extra step in your own commitment, is very encouraging.  

We have created a simple Sponsorship Program. 


  • It provides 10 ticket codes for friends and family, or maybe your own staff. 

  • We will also thank you by name - personal or organization - in the credits at the end of our broadcast. And we will include a slide with your logo, and short message during intermission. 

  • In addition, when this pandemic is by us, and in the first March we are back in the theatres with this series of programs, we will thank you by name in the program booklet for all performances. 

You will be a big part of the effort to keep the arts alive.  

Our Standard Sponsorship Package Includes 10 individual streaming passes, and is $1,250.  

Please note: The PayPal link below works but it can take a bit of time to get thru. Don't worry.  If you have made a payment, or want to choose a different method of payment, please click here.  I am interested in Sponsorhip of A St. Patick's Day Celtic Sojourn.

We will create a standard code specific for your needs.  This can include your name or organization name in abbreviated form.  This can be then distributed to your guests/staff/members.  From there it will be self service, so that each can make their own arrangements and get the codes in the integrated fashion the system is designed for.  

To purchase a sponsorship, click on the PayPal payment button below (ONLY use for sponsorships, to purchase tickets click here).


For further questions about sponsorships, send an email to and we'll be in touch to help thru the process.  

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